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inner strength, happiness, integrity, motivation, spirituality, love, success… These are all things that are within your grasp. We are all searching for something outside of ourselves when what we are looking for is within and deep down we all know it so well. it is when we do a positive change from within that the outside changes with it, not the other way around.

You are master creators. our minds generally think about 50-70 thousand thoughts in a day. that is a huge number. When we take personal responsibility for our mental, physical and spiritual health and strive for greatness and positive change,

Then we shall witness the universe pave a path for us. Everything starts from within, dear soul. using tools like meditation, yoga, and prayer, these are all tools for personal growth when we use it intelligently. Combine these practices with mantras of affirmations like ”I am intelligent, I am wise, I allow abundance into my life,” this has a tremendous effect on the subconscious mind.

the subconscious mind has unimaginable powers to learn, absorb, change and adapt. One of the things that are interesting is the fact that when you focus your attention consistently on a goal or a thing or situation you want to manifest into reality,
a part of your brain called the ”reticular activating system” is activated and it makes you notice things and act in certain ways that you likely wouldn’t before. this is because your brain has a function to make you go towards the things that become likable and important to you. An example is, let’s say you think the thought of becoming a YouTuber… times flies by and you think the thought over again, this time with more intensity and positive visualization and thoughts. you realize you could quit your job, and the thought of youtube becomes more appealing to you…
eventually,when the emotion and motivation gets strong enough, it’ll make you seek out more information. You start looking for ways to get started online, you talk to a friend that runs youtube and eventually you’ve gathered enough insight to write a plan and start taking your first steps… well the point here is, this whole process started with you thinking a thought repeatedly and intensifying it, thus then activating a special part in your brain that makes you notice relevant information in regards to your ”desire” in this case to do youtube. to put it simple, it makes us move towars what we’ve been thinking about and this happens unconsciously without us controlling it in some sence. our unconscious mind is paving the way for us. it is up to us to just walk the talk.

One thing that we as a species lack, is an individual understanding of the mind and the unconscious, there are innate power and healing abilities wired into your nervous system. People, in general, have little to no knowledge about these things.


When you start to seek within yourself for something more, we are often lead to teachers and people that can give us guidance and information on how to start our own self-mastery and life mastery process. in this day and age technology has grown in such a big way that information is overflowing on the internet. we love youtube even though we do recommend picking up books to and audiobooks. use these as guidelines for your personal success, or visit our website to learn valuable tools and knowledge to get you started on your path to awakening your inner light warrior.

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